Used in the context of 'Activity-based advertisements'. These are marketing messages that are sent to users based on their observed activity online.


गतिविधि पर आधारित

Users find this phrase easy to understand. They understand what is meant by the word 'गतिविधि' however, they need an explanation of the various online activities of users that are tracked by a platform. Users may also link 'गतिविधि' with app usage or activities that are done on the app/website and require more literacy to understand this concept deeply.

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एक्टिविटी आधारित

The concept is very new to most users and they may not understand the term 'एक्टिविटी'. Users also often misinterpret 'activity-based ads' as an activity that is done on the app or website. Hence, they believe turning this ad setting off will stop them from doing any activity on the application they are using.

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What are the common challenges with this word?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

Technical term

Since ad settings in itself is a new concept, users need more literacy to be able to understand the specifics of activity-based and interest-based ads and how these affect their online experience. Users are unable to understand these as different categories. Building on simpler examples would aid this understanding.

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