Push Notification

An alert (typically a pop-up or another message) notifying the user of a new message



Easily understood by most users as this is a common way for most applications to communicate.

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पुश नोटिफ़केशन

Most users understand the term 'notification' but struggle to differentiate it from the concept of 'Push notifications'. Users either consider 'पुश नोटिफ़केशन' as a completely unknown concept or consider it a synonym for 'notification'.

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Translation copied
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Needs more explanation/context

'Notification' and 'Push notification' are not synonymous terms, however, users find it hard to relate to the term 'Push notification'. To aid comprehension using the term 'Notification' is recommended. However, one can use 'Push Notification' if it follows an explanation on how these differ from regular notifications.

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