This refers to the changes in any policy or terms used to inform users about any new information that can affect their use of the app.



Familiar and easy-to-read word.

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Familiar and easy-to-read word. However, users often build a strong association of this word with the concept of 'App update'. Without proper context, अपडेट may be misinterpreted to imply an app update.

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अद्यतन is not easily understood by most users.

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Unverified translations
कुछ नया, सामयिक बनाना
What are the common challenges with this word?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

Needs more explanation/context

Users commonly associate all ‘updates’ with ‘app update’. Additionally, users are often confused about who is making the changes and in what.

An explanation is required to set context for users and help them interpret the term correctly (for example, updates to data policy vs updates to application, etc.)

Incorrect spellings

The half ‘p’ can be difficult to read, especially in smaller font sizes.

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