Data Transfer

Refers to the secure exchange of large files between systems or organizations.


डेटा लेन-देन

Simple language and easy term for users to understand. Users are often unsure of what comprises ‘data’ and may misunderstand this to mean ‘mobile data’ or content they share on social media. When using this term it would help to provide an explanation of what is meant by 'data' in this context.

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ट्रांज़िट करते समय (हम आपके डेटा)

'ट्रांज़िट' is not an easily understood term and is hard to pronounce for most users. Users may misunderstand this as either a 'transaction' or an exchange of users' information with other users.

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Translation copied
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What are the common challenges with this word?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

Technical term

Concept of 'data transfer' is new for most users and they need education to understand why data transfer is done and how.

Needs more explanation/context

The term 'data' has multiple connotations and so users may misinterpret 'data' to mean 'mobile data' or content they share on social media. More explanation is required on what is being transferred and how that impacts the user.

Incorrect spellings
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