Data breach

Refers to stealing user information from a system without the knowledge or consent of the of the user


जानकारी का दुरुपयोग

Users can relate to 'जानकारी' more effectively and usually associate personal information with their email ID and passwords. They use supporting text to understand that one should not click on links from unknown sources as it can lead to misuse of information.

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डेटा का ग़लत इस्तेमाल

Users are often unsure of why comprises ‘डेटा’ and may misunderstand this to mean ‘mobile data’ or content they share on social media. When using this term, it is essential to clarify what is meant by ‘डेटा’ in this context.

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Translation copied
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Users are generally unaware of the exact information that can be stolen. When using this phrase, use examples to educate them on how data breach can impact the users.

Additionally, it is essential to either clarify what is meant by ‘data’ in this context or avoid the use of this word altogether. Users often confuse ‘data’ with ‘mobile data’ or the internet content that is delivered to mobile devices for a cost.

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