Gaining unauthorized access to a user's data in a system or computer.


हैकिंग (अनजान लोगों की ग़ैरक़ानूनी पहुँच)

This is a new concept for users but users can understand this term better when a definition/explanation is provided alongside.

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साइबर ठग

Most users struggle with this term and look at supporting text to build understanding. If the supporting text is unclear it will leave users feeling confused. The term 'साइबर' is not easily recognised/ understood.

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Translation copied
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What are the common challenges with this word?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

New Word

While these terms are not synonymous, due to overlapping nature of the terminology they have been used to test user comprehension. Current patterns in T&Cs use the term 'साइबर ठग' which is not easily understood by the users unless the term 'साइबर' is already a part of their vocabulary.

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