Privacy Policy

A legal document explaining how a company or website collects, uses, and shares personal information.


प्राइवेसी नीति

This is a technical term for most users, however, 'प्राइवेसी नीति' is more commonly understood.

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प्राइवेसी पॉलिसी

Users often associate privacy with "security"/or "गुप्त बातें". While they recognize the term 'पॉलिसी' from having read it on many applications, it is challenging to read and pronounce.

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निजता नीति

'निजता' is hard for users to read and pronounce. For most users, this is a new term and they are unable to understand the implication.

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What are the common challenges with this word?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

Needs more explanation/context

Users may not understand the concept of privacy policy completely and often agree to reading the policy in order to access the application or website. Users need to be educated on why reading the privacy policy is important to them through design and simplified terminology.

Technical term

Users often have difficulty understanding what exact data is being discussed in the policy and hence, need more context building around it

Incorrect spellings
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